In this video, you will learn about burial services. There have been many deaths in the last year from the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, it has been a good year for funeral homes.

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This sounds very morbid, but it is the harsh reality. The average cost of funeral services is $9k. That is just the average. All of the services from the burial to the viewing are included. Families have been choosing cheap options these days. More people have also been turning to less traditional ways to celebrate a loved one’s life. With increasingly expensive funeral prices, more people are also turning to creamation. The history of funerals started back to the first World War. Embalming was not a thing for many years. President Lincoln’s assassination was the first famous person not be embalmed. His body was put on display and it represented a big step for American culture. This allowed funerals to be held much later. This made it possible for extended families to travel. Funeral homes because extending beyond family-owned businesses. Funeral directors reached out to more experienced people for help.

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