One of the first things you notice about a gym is the mirror-lined walls. While some people find these distracting and tacky, others need them to check their form during workouts. Have you ever wondered how these massive mirrors get installed? Are you looking to install one yourself? Well, this video walks us through the extended process of glass and mirror installation for a humongous gym wall mirror.

First, you need to have the right tools in order to install a mirror. You need a drill, driver, hammer, level, screwdriver, pencil, and tape measurer.

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The hardware required to hang an industrial-sized mirror is almost always included with the purchase, so no need to pick any of that up. First, you must clean the wall where the mirror will be installed with a damp towel. This is so the glue cures properly when your mirror is put on the wall. Next, mark where you want the mirror to sit with your pencil. Drill accompanying holes, add some thick circles of glue to the back of the gym mirror, and very carefully position it onto the wall at an angle to rest evenly on the j-bar provided. After you’re done, give it a good washing and enjoy your new gym mirror!


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