When it comes to gamer platforms for voice chat, Discord has reigned supreme for a number of years. However, just because Discord is the most popular among the voice servers, doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best. Gamers have been using several different voice platforms as a Discord alternative for a while now, but do they really measure up in terms of audio quality and dependability? Well, this video gives a comprehensive overview of the most successful voice audio gaming platforms.

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Skype and Mumble are some of the top competitors with Discord in terms of voice servers. Mumble uses a much more open-source model, which ensures your data and server security substantially more than Discord. Skype and Discord both claim to not sell your personal data, but still are legally allowed to under their disclaimers. All-in-all, Discord has a plethora of server features to keep people in and out of your personal server, as well as an unbeatable server setup speed. Finally, the vast majority of gamers use Discord, and few have had any problems that the company fails to fix.


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