If you’re looking at options for a new, lucrative career that doesn’t require an advanced degree, you may be interested in going into the trades. One of the most important trades is roofing. Roofers earn a decent living, and they do essential work for homes and businesses around the county. If you’re interested in becoming a roofer, watch the video posted below to learn more about what you should expect from the job.

Video Source

In the video, a roofer with experience shows the process of installing a new shingle roof on a home. It’s a somewhat complicated job because it involves skylights and other advanced roofing details. The roofers also had to use a special type of shingles at the homeowner’s request, so they needed to use a specialized installation technique.

The video shows how much manual labor goes into a roofing project and the kind of work environment you can expect to be part of as a roofer. It also shows the tools roofers use and what it’s like to be working up on a roof high above the ground.

No matter what you end up doing for your career, learning more about different trades can be a great way to figure out what’s right for you.

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