This video is to inform viewers about doing an at-home fertility examination. Having a baby, thinking about having a baby, or actively planning to have a baby can be an exciting process. This can also be a very stressful time as well and the best advice is to learn about your body and how it operates.

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It is a good idea to track your menstrual cycle so you can begin to learn about the different stages that your body goes in during your cycle. When planning for a baby, it is always a good idea to be fertile whenever you try. Doing your own fertility examination can be beneficial because you are more likely to know when the best time is to conceive.

When planning for a baby, it is extremely important to do research so you can figure out what is best for your body, as everyone’s body is different. Doing a fertility examination can help because you will be able to know and track when and how long your body is fertile before you get your period. Doing this also eases your mind and gives you the tool you need to track your regular cycle.


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