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Outdoor furniture can be a great addition to any household, but it’s important to speak with an outdoor furniture specialist on the types of wood you should use. This video will give you a run-down on the best woods to use for outdoor furniture.

Ipe wood is a versatile and durable wood that is great for outdoor benches. It can be used in hot and sunny climates or cold and wet climates. Ipe wood is also resistant to rot and decay, meaning you won’t have to worry about splintering down the line.

Ipe is also aesthetically pleasing. It has a very classic and dark color to it. This also helps it resist heat in sunny locations.

Most benches use pressure-treated pine or cedar, but these softwoods are underwhelming when compared to Ipe wood. They are softwoods that need annual maintenance and water sealer. They have a porous grain structure that absorbs water which will lead to damage.

Other species that are as good as Ipe are Cumaru, Tigerwood, Garapa, and Massaranduba. These woods come from South America, and due to their climate are naturally resistant to mold and rot. They require a yearly cleaning and dousing in Ipe oil.

To learn more about the best woods for outdoor structures, contact your local outdoor furniture specialists.

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