Every profession has it’s pros and cons, and every day millions of people get up and go to work at their regular jobs. So many hours are spent by people working at jobs they are truly passionate about, and a criminal attorney is no exception. You may assume that criminal lawyers are different than normal people, with all the court cases and negative dangerous press they get. However, criminal lawyers are some of the most researched, knowledgeable, and gifted public speakers in the workforce.

Video Source

This video details a day in the life of a criminal attorney first hand.

The most interesting thing about the criminal defense lawyer position, as this video notes, is the real-life effects that it the work has on people’s’ lives. Each case has an outcome, and each outcome has repercussions. This aspect of work makes it interesting, as well as fulfilling when people see themselves and their families defended and justice being properly served. To be in a field that affects individual people’s lives so much, criminal attorneys are often put in a spot to completely alter a case. A day as a criminal lawyer is a day changing lives, one way or another.


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