This video walks you through the process of installing a new garage door opener – the Chamberlain RJO70 with Wall Mount to be exact. The video describes this garage door opener as unique and first shows you all the components that come in the box, such as a sensor, wall mount, receiver, and battery backup. The video then shows you how to start installing the garage door opener piece by piece.

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Although this is a lengthy process, it’s absolutely necessary since the installation is a bit complicated. During this time, you’ll learn about the material you need to complete the job, such as a steel cutting bit and an impact driver. All in all, the video shows that there are many moving parts for installing a garage door opener, but there’s plenty of detail to keep you on the right track. The explanation is articulate, and you even get to see how to operate the garage door once it’s installed. Anyone looking to install the particular model of new garage door opener mentioned will greatly appreciate this video.

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