Natural bed

You love your family, and the quality of sleep they experience is important to you. Usually, the average factory assembled mattress is made out of flame retardant materials; these materials are no organic, and there is some evidence that they can cause harm if used long term. This is one reason that purchasing an organic bed for older children or an organic crib for infants and toddlers is the best decision that a conscientious parent can make.

Organic cotton is normally the material from which an organic bed is created. Alternately, an organic bed can be made from all natural untreated wool and natural latex. These materials are fire and dust mite resistant. Sometimes, an organic bed will have a label stating the bed is made from “Pure Grow Wool.” This means that the wool used to make the organic bed was shorn from sheep raised in humane circumstances. The “Pure Grow Wool” label is a gold stamp of approval on the ethical practices of those who helped to create the organic bed.

The organic cotton used in the creation of batting and wrapping materials for your organic bed is hypoallergenic; this means that it is perfect for children with sensitivities to chemicals in the environment, as well as for asthmatic kids. Natural cotton is a major element of making an organic bed special.

Natural latex used to build an organic bed is synthesized from rubber trees. This natural latex mattress material is much safer than the petroleum based polyurethane chemicals found in traditional, factory-made mattresses. Studies suggest that petroleum based polyurethane may contribute to cancer later in life, as well as SIDS in infants.

Oftentimes, organic mattresses are made from a bamboo blended cotton fabric. There are other materials used to build an organic bed, too. These include wool, horsehair, flax, and pine. A real organic bed will never have plastic outers or additives within it.

When you order your organic bed, you might have an opportunity to get organic cotton sheets, blankets, pillows, and pillow cases from the same supplier. This will aid you in creating for your family a luxurious and safe night’s sleep. Prior to your organic bed being shipped, it will have been compressed and wrapped in biodegradable plastic, meaning that even the packing materials are good for the planet. As well, is an organic bed often packed within a totally recyclable carton. From its building materials to its shipping materials, your organic bed is 100 percent natural, which is something that you can feel good about, knowing that you are both pampering and protecting your family. Links like this.

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