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When you think of London, chances are you think of a cosmopolitan city known for some of the best hotels in the world. You likely can’t help but think about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or their amazing wedding that was held in April of 2011. These are the things most of the Big Smoke’s 30 million annual tourists, as estimated by the London Plan, think of. For many others, however, the United Kingdom’s capital is the location of much more unusual, sinister things.

Consider, according to London Online, the city was first established in the middle of the first century CE. At that time, it was under the control of its Roman overlords. As time went on, it became the center of a medieval superpower followed by a modern superpower before finally turning away from its imperialist roots in the late 20th century. During its 2000 years of history, many have come and gone through the streets of London. Historical bogey-men, like Jack the Ripper, once walked her streets. While many believe that London has become only a paradise for hotel bookings at the continent’s best budget hotels, many others realize that spooky adventure can still be had in the heart of London Town.

The Eternity of the Greenwich Foot Tunnel
Taking a train from your hotel bookings to Cutty Sark Gardens in Greenwich will give you access to this truly frightening location. According to TimeOut, the Greenwich Foot Tunnel is 370 meters, 1,200 feet, long and 15 meters, almost 50 feet, deep. With spartan lighting and tiled walls that reflect and echo the eerie footfalls of all its travelers, the tunnel is more like the many horrors found in “The Shining” than a sensible way to get around the city.

The Wraiths and Otherworldly Canines of Sutton House
For’s money, there are few more unsettling places in all of the Big Smoke than Sutton House, located on Homerton High Street. First built in the mid-16th century, the home has fallen into complete disrepair and rebuilt on multiple occasions, every one of which has scene more ethereal entities claim the home as their own. Visitors regularly report seeing ghostly forms of dogs and the wandering, lonely shapes of formerly human caretakers and homeowners. Many wish they’d never left their hotel bookings after visiting Sutton House, fearing that they will become a permanent part of the attraction.

Specters of Long Deceased Owners at the Volunteer
Located on Baker Street, many London tourists staying in London’s best discount hotel rooms are likely to stumble upon this popular pub. Of course, they have no way of knowing that, as points out, this 17th century home turned pub, built by the Nevilles, a rich family of nobles, still hosts the regularly manifesting Richard Neville. While many discount these claims as the workings of too many pints, London locals know better.

If you love ghost stories or you simply love being scared, London is the perfect vacation spot for you. Just remember: these attractions aren’t for the faint of heart. Find more.

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