Giant scalextric

Have employees who have been driving hard to get a project done? Do you notice a frayed nerve or two?

Game them!

Forming a new work group and you need some way to do a little bonding for the job they have ahead of them? Running out of ideas beyond buying afternoon snacks?

Game them!

It is a classic organizational development tool: get your employees out of their normal office environment, give them games to play, especially cooperative and competitive games, and watch them make friends and form bonds.

Doing this can be easier than you think because there are professionals who will help you to rent carnival stalls. Carnival games are memorable fun and many can be used inside or outside. Picture carnival stalls with an F1 simulator in them so your employees can drive like a Formula 1 racer. Carnival stalls can contain giant games, and if you think the F1 simulator will be so popular there will be a line, rent carnival stalls with a Giant Scalextric, which allows several people to race different cars at once.

If you want a really active event for your people, bring in the inflatable jousting carnival stalls where two people use pugil sticks to knock each other off a column. Other inflatable games include a bungee run, wrecking ball, human table football, and rodeo bull. Make sure you tell everyone to dress casually.

You will find that carnival stalls rentals for leisure hire or simulator hires are a cost effective, business development move for you and your company. Carnival stalls can also reflect a theme for your event, like the WIld West or Fairgrounds, even Victorian times.
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