Obgyn doctors

From the very moments of life, what the mother eats can have a profound impact on the baby growing inside her. For instance, did you know that if the mother eats a high protein diet or a diet high in fat, that it could cause the baby to be born predisposed to developing diabetes or heart disease later on in life? The mother’s diet can also be a contributing factor for obesity.

Mothers who participate in binge drinking can harm the developing child within her too. In fact, drinking alcohol during pregnancy will increase the risk of the baby being born with mental deficiencies. It can even cause a miscarriage or cause the baby to have a cleft palate or other types of deformities. A developing embryo is at risk if the mother is anemic too. Early blood tests are available for that if the women go in for women health services during pregnancy.

Health care for women is a huge concern today. If you are pregnant or you are trying to get pregnant, be sure you go to your Norfolk OBGYN. Obgyn doctors will oversee your pregnancy and make sure your baby is developing normally. You will get invaluable advice about prenatal care from women health services too. Your Virginia Beach OBGYN is the best resource for women health services.

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