We all have heard the interesting factoid that if you lined up all of the water bottles that were consumed by people all over the world that it would stretch around the globe again and again. This is an astonishingly scary statistic when you consider just how dangerous water bottles and water coolers can be for the environment … and for the people who use them. You can scratch those worries from your mind and start anew with a bottleless water cooler.

Having a bottleless water cooler in your home or office is an excellent and easy way to help the environment. Even for the non-environmentally focused people, it is difficult to resist just how easy a bottleless water cooler is to use, and how eco-friendly it can be when you do not have water cooler bottles lined up in a closet or taking up space in a useful area.

Not relying on someone to drop off water bottles on a weekly or monthly basis also can free you up to think of other things. Speaking of freeing up things, your wallet can be freed up a bit when you use a bottleless water cooler. It is an extremely cost-effective solution because it requires just an initial setup and then a little bit of maintenance to ensure that fresh water keeps running from wherever you have installed it. Just think of how much you are paying to have water bottles delivered, then erase that amount and start fresh with a much more affordable bottleless water cooler.

Having a bottleless water cooler also allows you to use the water that you already have … yet another environmentally friendly way to save. It simply filters out the bad stuff that shows up in your city or well water and gives you only the freshest version of that water. So in essence, the water that you get from the bottleless variety actually can taste so much better than the plastic-like taste that you might have grown used to.

Need another reason to consider a bottleless water cooler? How about the time it can save you lugging old bottles or storing them somewhere? Or maybe the fact that many of these water coolers can provide instantly hot or instantly cold water when you want it? There are dozens more reasons to get this type of water cooler for your home or business … and no real reason not to buy one.

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