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The Benefits of an Uregent Care

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No matter how hard we try to avoid it, sometimes people get sick or they get injured and we find ourselves in need of medical care. Seeing as there are about 6.8 million bones broken per year in the United States, with the most common fractures being the wrist, for people under the age of 75, and the hip for those over that age, finding an alternative to an emergency room seems like a smart thing to do. The alternative to an emergency room is the urgent care Burien WA facility.

Back in the 1970s the urgent care lynnwood wa began in the United States and this movement has grown exponentially all over the globe as a less expensive alternative to the emergency room. The Everett urgent care or Seattle walk in clinic is intended to ease the burden on emergency rooms in that they are supposed to treat non life threating illnesses and injuries. After you go to the urgent care Burien WA you will most likely be told to set up a follow up visit with you regular doctor for any other treatment or care you may need.

While some doctors have office hour similar to a walk in clinic Lynnwood WA most do not and this is one of the reasons that the Washington urgent care facilities were designed. The urgent care Burien WA offers the same after hours care as an emergency room but at a lower cost to you and for the medical facility as well. Most people, about 48 percent of patients, who sought medical attention at an ER were not considered sick enough to be admitted to the hospital. When asked they said they went to the ER because their doctors office was closed.

You can receive quality medical care at an urgent care Burien WA facility and it is a great alternative to going to the emergency room. An urgent care Burien WA is a convenient, low cost way to get the care you need when your doctor is not in or in an emergency.

How to Know When to Visit an Urgent Care Center

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Urgent care centers provide medical service for conditions that are not serious enough to warrant an emergency room visit, but which require rapid attention. If you are deciding whether or not to visit an urgent care center in the Seattle area, keep a few things in mind when making your decision.

Since Urgent care Seattle centers are intended to ease the burden on emergency rooms by treating non life threatening injuries and illnesses, if you can skip the emergency room and instead head to an urgent care Seattle location, you can help to prevent ER over crowding. There are several benefits to heading to places such as Kirkland urgent care, urgent care Burien, urgent care Kent, or any of the other medical clinics seattle has to offer.

First, for people without health insurance, urgent care Seattle centers’ costs are relatively low in comparison to paying out of pocket at a physician’s office or ER. The typical emergency department visit costs an average of $1,500; while treatment at a Seattle urgent care center costs, on average, under $150. If you are leery about visiting an urgent care, almost two thirds of centers employ a mix of physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants, and 65 percent of centers have at least one physician on site at all times, so you are in good hands. A 2010 study by the Rand Corporation found that nearly one in five visits to hospital ERs could be treated at urgent care centers, potentially saving $4.4 billion annually in health care costs.

Reasons for visiting a Washington urgent care center are cuts, concussions, broken bones, minor burns, sprains, and cold and flu symptoms, among many others. If you are unsure if you should visit an urgent care seattle center, call ahead. You are not only saving yourself time and money, but ER space as well.