Planning your wedding should be one of the most exciting and memorable times in your life. When it comes to planning your big day, creating the perfect wedding priority list can make all the difference. The right wedding priority list will help you to stay laser-focused with your heart set on what’s important at all times. Knowing the secrets to a perfect priority list for your wedding day will help you to make the most out of one of the biggest days of your entire life.

1. Start Planning Ahead of Time

When it comes to creating a wedding priority list, there is no better way to begin than to start planning ahead of time. From shopping for bridal gowns to finding the ideal wedding venue for your celebration, planning ahead of time is often the key to a truly successful wedding event or gathering. Planning ahead of time may be relative to the individual who is hosting the wedding. However, it is recommended to begin planning your wedding at least one year in advance. While this may seem as if it is a long time away, you will need time to find the appropriate service providers, venue, and any other catering solutions you may also have in mind for your celebration.

How to Plan Ahead of Time

Planning your wedding should not be daunting or overwhelming, especially when you do so with enough time in advance. First, you should establish a vision for your wedding and set your budget in place. Determine how many guests you intend to invite and cater to and whether you will be hosting your wedding indoors at a venue or outside. If you intend to hire professional musicians or any other form of entertainment, consider how much time you may need to reserve them for your special day, especially if you intend to have a wedding during a busy time of the year.

2. Communicate Your Wants and Needs With Your Future Spouse

If you are in the process of creating your wedding priority list, it’s important to communicate your wants and needs with your future spouse. Getting off on the right track after getting married to your new spouse is essential for long-term success. The more in tune you are with one another when it comes to planning for your wedding, the easier it will be to communicate wants, needs, and even changes you desire before the wedding day arrives.

Once you begin the planning process of your wedding, you should begin discussing the vision you have for the event with your future spouse. This can help you to determine the type of venue that is most suitable for the big day and whether you will require entertainers, bartenders, and caterers to help complete the celebration. Confirm any changes you intend to make to your wedding venue beforehand by discussing them with our future spouse to ensure you both remain on the same page. When you and your future spouse get to enjoy the perfect wedding day that you have both envisioned, it will set the stage and tone for the future of your relationship.

3. Research Venues Months in Advance

A wedding priority list would not be completed without the perfect venue. As the saying goes, location, location, location. Whether you’re interested in outdoor wedding venues or you want to learn more about local wedding venues for rent, you will need to conduct your research months in advance. For certain popular destinations, you may need to reserve your special date more than a year in advance, which is why settling on the destination and venue of your wedding should always remain a top priority when you begin the planning process of your special day.

Why Research Venues Months in Advance

Researching popular wedding venues months in advance will help you to determine when it’s best for you to lock in your own reservation, depending on where you intend to get married and the size of the wedding you have in mind. Popular venues may be booked daily for months and in some cases, even years in advance, depending on the rarity and exclusivity of the location itself. Researching wedding venues in advance will also help you to learn more about the features, amenities, and atmospheres of each location you are interested in occupying to celebrate your new marital union.

Taking the time to research individual wedding venues, both indoors and out, can help you settle on a decision that is truly perfect for you and your future spouse. When you are researching venues ahead of time, you can also do so by comparing photos and videos of the venue itself. Reviewing photos of the interior aesthetic and color schemes will also allow you to find a location that is genuinely fitting for the theme you are going with on your big day. Because aesthetics and atmosphere play a pivotal role in the experience of a wedding, it is important to take the time to review all of your potential options based on your location and budget to ensure you have made the right choice.

4. Consider Custom Signage and Decor

Creating the wedding of your dreams does not mean being stuck with premade decor. If you want your wedding to truly stand out, consider custom signs and decor, such as custom hats, for the special day. Whether you have a specific color scheme in mind or if you are going with a theme that reflects your new union, you can do so with custom signage and decor.

How to Find Custom Decor and Signage

Finding the best custom signage and decor is possible by checking with local party stores or outlets, depending on where you are located. You may also find custom signage solutions by visiting a local graphic design or sign shop in your area, depending on your sign needs and budget. If you want to expand the catalog of options you have available to you, you can do so by browsing online for the custom decor and signage that will truly bring your wedding’s atmosphere together.

Browsing online for custom signage and decor is highly recommended if you are interested in specific imagery, colors, or materials for your custom items. Using an online printing shop will allow you to browse through an entire inventory of products that can be printed or created with a custom design and look in mind. When looking for custom signage and decor shops and companies online, be sure to read reviews from verified customers to find a provider that is sure to deliver the quality you deserve for your big wedding day.

5. Choose a Theme or Color Scheme for Your Wedding

While you are creating your wedding priority list, consider the color scheme or theme you intend to go with during your celebration. Picking and settling on the right color scheme can help you to expedite the process of searching for decorations, signs, flowers, and more. If you’re unsure of what type of themes to go with for your wedding day, referencing catalogs, asking friends, and even joining online communities can go a long way in sparking the inspiration you need to move forward.

Some themes to keep in mind when you are choosing a color scheme and thematic elements for the big day might include Bohemian, rustic, countryside, fairytale, gothic, and even contemporary. Classic, traditional, and religious ceremonies are ideal for those who are interested in a union that is spiritually based. Once you have the perfect theme for your wedding, you can then choose colors, furniture, and decor that are perfect for the event.

6. Find a Local Caterer for Your Big Day

While you are in the process of creating and completing your wedding priority list for your big day, keeping the food you will be serving in mind is a must. If you are not planning to prepare and serve food to your guests on your own, you will need to find a local catering company that is suitable for your event. Because the food at your wedding is one of the most important elements to consider, it’s highly advisable to brainstorm the cuisine you are most interested in serving ahead of time.

Planning the Food for Your Wedding

When it comes to hiring a caterer or a cook for your wedding, you will need to consider how many guests you intend to serve and how many courses you’re interested in preparing. If you have a specific cuisine in mind, research traditional dishes and plates that are most common for gatherings, such as weddings. You should also consider appetizers, drinks, and desserts that you may be providing along with any main course you intend to prepare.

Finding the Right Caterer for Your Wedding Day

You will need to first determine what cuisine you intend to serve during your big day before finding a caterer that is right for the job. Asking friends, family members, and co-workers for recommendations can also place you on a path to finding a caterer that is suitable, professional, and available for the date you need them. Researching local catering companies and independent caterers online is another way to compare meal plans, prices, cuisines, and the quality of dishes created ahead of time by referencing portfolios and reviews from previous clients.

7. Schedule an Appointment With Your Dentist

Another item to keep on your wedding priority list includes scheduling an appointment for cleanings, x-rays, and check-ups with your dentist. Scheduling a checkup and a cleaning with your dentist a few months before your big day will help you keep your mind at ease while also brightening your smile. With a newly brightened smile, you can feel even more excited and confident once your bid day arrives.

8. Change Your Hairstyle for Your Wedding

After you have gotten your teeth whitening service from your local dentist, you may want to consider changing your hairstyle for your big wedding day. Changing your hairstyle is a big decision, which is why it’s recommended to schedule a trial run before the wedding date arrives. A trial run will help you determine if the chosen hairstyle and color is the look you have in mind for when you are walking down the aisle.

9. Consider Lash and Eyelash Extensions

Consider getting local eyelash extensions ahead of time before your big day. Lash and eyelash extensions can dramatically change your entire look, helping your eyes and face to pop before your groom sees you for the first time walking down the aisle. Find a lash and eyelash extension location by researching venues online and scheduling an appointment in advance for a trial to ensure they are the right size and color for you.

10. Build a Helpful and Supportive Bridal Party

Building a helpful and supportive bridal party is essential, whether you are planning a quaint and intimate backyard wedding or a wedding event with more than 400 guests. Regardless of the type of wedding you are planning and having in mind, the right bridal party can make all the difference. When choosing individuals for your bridal party, consider their attitudes and whether they will be optimistic and supportive of you. It’s important to build a bridal party that can assist you with various tasks every step of the way, from reserving venues to trying out foods from caterers you are interested in hiring.

The Importance of a Strong Bridal Party

Having a strong bridal party by your side is a way for you to enjoy the process of planning and preparing for one of the biggest days of your life. Your bridal party should help ease stressors and alleviate high-stress situations you may find yourself in. The right bridal party will help you make the most out of planning for your wedding day from start to finish.

Creating a wedding priority list ahead of time will allow you to spend more time focusing on family, friends, and your new spouse once the big day arrives. When you take the time to make the perfect wedding priority list, you will also maintain your peace of mind as the date approaches. The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to feel stressed and overwhelmed on a day that is supposed to be one of the greatest in your lifetime.

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