Fire protection sprinkler companies have a huge range of sprinkler types that they can install in your business or your home. Knowing a bit about design and how a sprinkler works can help you understand what type of sprinkler you need and what sprinkler is going to work for you can make a difference. There are a few different sprinkler types, there are manual systems and automatic systems. These systems are going to be supplied by water tanks that are on the roof of the building.

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Sprinkler systems are standard spray upright, pendant, sidewall, and sprinkler head. The sprinkler is made up of a plug to keep water from leaking. Then a heat-sensitive element that allows the sprinkler to be activated, then a head that helps to spread the water. Different sprinklers are going to be best for different types of buildings. It is essential that you take the time to speak with a professional sprinkler company to ensure that you get the right sprinkler for your building and safety needs. The right sprinkler can make a huge difference in the overall safety of your building. Making sure you have the right sprinkler and the right system can make a huge difference.

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