It’s that time of the year again, and as the holiday spirit evolves even more, we get ready for Christmas events, parties, family, and friends. So, what about when you’re hosting the event? Are you prepared with the Christmas décor and vibes? We have you covered with some fantastic tips to deck your halls with boughs of holly. These are the holiday apartment decorating ideas every homeowner should know.

1. Make Sure the Temperature’s Right

We know that in some parts of the world, it gets pretty cold around Christmas time. Having a heating contractor to help you prepare your home so your guests are cozy and warm is essential. Look for expert HVAC services to help you with your project, as they are skilled and experienced in this field and would know precisely how to fix the problem. Making sure that the machinery is serviced and ready for use will go a long way in ensuring everything is spot-on good.

You can also get firewood suppliers, so you have enough wood stocked up for the fireplace. With enough wood to feed the fire through the cold winter holidays, your guests will be warm even when you don’t have a heating system.

2. Make your Mantle a Focal Point

Decorating an apartment with a mantle is a great opportunity to use the fireplace as a feature. Use the space to really deck out the area with stockings and treats, lights, snowflakes and more. Even if you didn’t have a big tree at this time, you could use your mantle to display a smaller Christmas tree feature. You can have a branch set in a pot or a little shrub of Christmas fir trees planted in a pot and set upon the mantle at the fireplace.

3. Focus on Details

When it comes to smaller and even bigger spaces, the details matter. If your apartment is small, making an effort with small things that bring out the Christmas cheer and are thinking is really what stands out. For example, hanging a wreath at the dining counter. Or using wallpaper to create a scenic backdrop of a winter wonderland.

4. Make Sure You Resolve Any Electrical Repair Issues

Electric connections are critical for any home, business, vehicle and anything with power surging through it. You need Christmas lights powered through the holiday, and if you suspect there might be electrical issues, not just for Christmas time but for your safety too, it best to get professional electricians in on the job.

If you want to go bold and set up a special feature that includes lights and intricate instructions, you could also ask your electrician to assist on this or other electric repair.

5. Add Gold and Silver Trimmings

Gold and silver are iconic colors in the holidays and one way you can also incorporate these beautiful colors is with a centerpiece display. In the round metal-like or faceted bowl, add some gold and silver balls. You can also put some pinecones in the mix for that extra effect. This will add to the fine detail you’re trying to achieve.

6. Create the Scent of Christmas

When we think of the holidays, we think about cinnamon, spice, and all things nice, as the saying goes. That said, you can burn some essential clove, cinnamon, and aniseed oils. These are not only wonderful for that festive scent in the air as your visitors enjoy an immersive experience while you’re hosting the party, but the oils also have antimicrobial properties.

7. A Good Size Christmas Tree Through Tree Services Specialist

When it comes to Christmas trees, you can expect all types of sizes. You can also purchase from a Christmas tree store. But, since you’re in a smaller apartment, you should get a tree that works with the floor space of your home. Perhaps you can’t fit a large floor to midway ceiling tree, you can still get a young tree or a synthetic tree that is shorter in length.

You could also opt for a small Christmas tree ornamental display and other festive decorations to bring out that seasonal bling. Some tree care services can help you pick out one of their selected trees that is suited to your apartment space.

You may even want to leave the traditional Christmas tree and, instead, have a collection of mini trees on your mantle. Ask the tree care service experts for help.

8. Perks of a Tiny Apartment this Holiday

We might to all be fortunate to have a huge property, but that’s okay too. We’re going to work with the good stuff we already have. Planning in a smaller space can pose some challenges, but nothing that you cannot tackle and do work out great.

Whether you’re in a studio apartment or even a tiny house, don’t fret because no space is too small that it cannot enjoy the festive décor that is the holidays.

9. Fewer people, but that’s fine

You may not be the one who likes meets and greets, and you may not be into visiting people and being in the mix of big crowds. So, having fewer people at your apartment for the Christmas party is even better because you won’t feel crowded as your space limits the amounts of guests.

10. Plaid Throw in the Lounges

As part of the season’s festive colors, go with a plaid wool throw and place that on the day bed or sofa. This will add to the festive trimmings and theme throughout the house.

11. Get Creative

Tap into your arts and crafts inner person and put some festive Christmas bobbles into lanterns. A few lanterns can also be strategically placed like the candles and would look beautiful in the windowpanes.

12. Don’t Forget the Passage Connecting Bedrooms and Staircase

When it comes to having longer passages and staircases, these two seem ideal for Christmas trimmings. Your guests might never see the section of the house leading toward the bedroom wing, but that doesn’t matter. When you’re looking to make the best of our décor, you can use these holiday apartment decorating idea to spruce up your place every year if you want.

13. Get Some Season Tunes Playing

It would probably seem too quiet without some festive music in the background. Music has a way of relaxing people, and it is considered a soothing remedy. While music is therapeutic, you can take advantage of this fact and play music all through the night while you’re busy and entertaining guest.

14. Spruce Up the Door

You don’t have to go overboard with the front door, but you can add some Christmassy features. If you don’t have a reeve lying about, then you can get crafty and do a cut-out xmas tree.

Some people get creative and strategically place the fir tree branches onto the wall, recreating a Christmas tree’s shape. In doing the wall-stuck tree, you can save on space, which is ideal for small apartments.

15. Make Use of that Corner Space

Sometimes we have unused space within our homes and it’s easy to forget about that un-used area in the corner. If you’re reading this and just went “oh, wait! That’s me!” then you’re at the right place. You can simply customize your doors, tables and other features to aid your needs in turning this un-used corner into a Christmassy spot with the tree, gifts and lots more

16. Enjoy Previous Holiday Memories

Another excellent way to spruce up your mantle is to decorate it with previous Christmas memories, something like a timeline featured each year. You can use a digital photo frame or a standard photo frame. Add some fairy lights for that seasonal sparkle; in no time, your place is even more cozy and festive.

17. Don’t Forget to Hang the Mistletoe

The tradition of kissing under mistletoe is an old one dating back many years to pagan beliefs. The old legend suggested that a man could kiss any woman if she stood under the mistletoe. It was also said that no one ought to refuse the tradition since it could give rise to bad luck befalling those who did not participate under the right circumstances.

Renting your Place with Festive Buzzing Cheer

Perhaps you’re renting your property throughout the year and want to keep the holiday vibe alive in your rental property or properties, no problem. Your rental property management agent can help you convey this to the residents. Add your touches of Christmas cheer to your property to rent and allow the residents to enjoy the vibes ’tis the season.

Bonus Tips for Holiday Apartment Decorating Ideas

Get some festive décor spilling over to your kitchen too

Your holiday decorations don’t have to be centered only in one place, but you can spread some bits and bobs in your kitchen too. Try garlands in the windows or some festive lights framing the windows.

Decorate the entry

Entering your home will be the first thing your guests notice. The entrance should encapsulate the introduction to the festivities that await further inside the place. Go with hanging a beautiful wreath on the door, and you could use the hallway’s bench at your door to feature some red and green or plaid scatter cushions and a throw. Work with the space you have and the angles it allows you.

When in doubt, add some string lights along the wall, or if there is a bookshelf nearby, you could also decorate the shelve with string lights. Some folks would add mistletoe in the corridor as you enter the home.

Minimalist candles

For a minimal approach, you can use candles as decorations in your home, strategically placing them on the coffee table, dining table, windowpanes, and bookshelves.

In the guest bathroom

To ensure that you cover all areas of the home that your guests will see, include adding some Christmas décor in the guest bathroom. You could add a Christmas-scented candle in the bathroom or add a wreath on the mirror. You can even do some dried sticks and pinecones instead of fresh plants.

Christmassy bedroom

Use the headboard to your advantage and decorate it with tinsel or fir tree branches. If you have one, you can add some plaid throws or lights around the four-poster bed.

Why Does Holiday Décor Even Matter?

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but many folks do, and some celebrate the season of family and the holiday that surrounds the festive season. The tradition of decorations and celebrating with feasts, family and friends developed many years ago.

While the pagan belief is said to originally commemorate this time of the year giving thanks to their gods, in later years, it was adapted into other religions. Even when it isn’t called Christmas, the sense of giving and sharing, the spirit of charity, is evident throughout the world. The Christmas holiday and the season surrounding it continues to be an important time in any family’s life.

  • The festive season being celebrated often reminds us of if happy and carefree childhood times.
  • When we think of happier moments, we tend to feel less stressed and can enjoy ourselves.
  • Celebrating the holidays stirs inspiration for starting new traditions. Since you may live far from your home, you may not be able to visit family in your hometown, but that inspired new traditions.
  • Connect with others and celebrate charitable causes. Christmas is a time for giving and many people use this opportunity to give to the less fortunate.

Christmas Celebration

So, see, folks, it’s not just the big spaces that can look grand this time of the year, but instead, you can try out all these holiday apartment decorating ideas. Turn your place into your very own custom-decorated luxury apartment that you can be proud of.


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