Grains are a source of carbs, a vital macronutrient in dog diets. Grain-based food has been served to dogs for several years. However, the current trend for dog diets has people scrambling to understand the difference between grain-based and grain-free diets. This video explains these two diets and gives dog owners the knowledge to make the best choice.

Those who feed their pets ancient grain dog food cite several benefits. Grain food contains minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients for a dog’s health.

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It also helps keep the energy levels of the dog up. Conversely, some experts recommend grain-free foods for dogs because they help reduce food allergies. This opinion rests on the belief that grains can be difficult to digest and may cause allergies.

Although grain-free food may help with food allergies, research shows they have no significant advantage over grain-based food. They undergo a process that extrudes carbs from food items and refinement that makes food more digestible. That makes them less different from grain-based food. The best food for a dog is one with the AAFCO label. Dog owners should look out for this label and talk to their veterinarian for advice on the best dog food.


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