SLATE is a customer resource management software designated to be used by admissions and enrollment personnel.

This software, created by Technolutions, is used by administrators to keep track of student information from the time they apply to their time as alumni. SLATE lets student advisors know about on-campus events, alumni donations, job history, and personal information.

Unlike other higher education admissions software, SLATE offers total customization and a plethora of ever-evolving technical features.

Admissions and advisement offices can contact students, prospective students, and high schools through this platform to share information and files for college applications.

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In general, colleges use SLATE because it streamlines all admissions and advisement software colleges use into one versatile package.

SLATE digitalizes and expediates many processes and paperwork, therefore saving colleges and students lots of money and time. Even though colleges and higher education institutes have been early adopters of computer technology, in the past, they still had to use multiple programs to keep track of student records.

Given that SLATE is an inclusive platform and application that bundles a bunch of services – that used to be paid for separately and weren’t even interlinked, there is no wonder why colleges use SLATE.

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