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Any long-time Rochester resident knows that the long and cold winters are unavoidable. However, if there is anything that makes the lack of those other three seasons a bit more bearable, it is knowing that year-round there are amazing places to get great food from. If you are looking for Rochester information around great places to eat, you can find it on popular food review sites, through the local news, and of course, right here. For the uninitiated, here is what you need to know about the Rochester food scene.

Local Food in Rochester

The Rochester Public Market is a year-round farmers’ market featuring vendors from all over the region, but a great many of them are local farmers bringing beautiful produce to sell. There is a great deal of local Rochester information about when is the best time of day, and best time of year to visit the market. If you are more of a carnivore, then you can look for Rochester meat markets both at the Public Market and in city. One market, Palmer’s, does occasionally source from local farms. However, the public market is also known to host local meat vendors such as the Seven Bridges Farm.

Dining Out in Rochester

An entire blog could be dedicated to exploring the best that Rochester has to offer in each ethnic genre, so to keep it brief you can learn a little bit more about Rochester Chinese food right now. Some of the best rated and acclaimed Chinese food establishments include Aja Noodle, the Han Noodle Bar, Chen Garden in Brighton, and Mamasan’s restaurant. There are many more that are equally as delicious, but ultimately there are far too many to list. Rochester offers dining options for those that favor Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Japanese, Jamaican, Thai, American, or Greek cuisines, too.

Food Experiences in Rochester

Over the years the largest cities have all enjoyed street vendors and food trucks, but until only recently there were no Rochester food trucks to speak of. Now, they are finally a Rochester staple and are featured every now and then in a Food Truck Rodeo event. If you attend one, you might find one of the following trucks there.

  • Brick N Motor, featuring burgers, and sandwiches.
  • El Latino’s, featuring chicken empanadas.
  • Le Petite Poutine, featuring traditional and modern takes on poutine.
  • Macarollin, featuring mac and cheese.
  • Hello Arepa, featuring Venezuelan cuisine.
  • Fett Svin BBQ, featuring barbecue.

If you want all of the latest Rochester information for foodies, you can learn more about the best local spots and dining events by checking in with your newspaper, news broadcast, or online. Rochester has local foods to impress any locavore, dining options to make even the pickiest eaters happy, and food experiences for even the most jaded of diners.

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