Vw oil change special

Did you know the average driver uses curse words about 32,000 times during their life, just when they are driving? That’s a lot of road rage. But when you shop at Volkswagen Van Nuys, you will absolutely love your car, we swear.

In fact, the name Volkswagen actually means the car of the people, in German.

We are your Los angeles vw dealer, selling all models of Volkswagen, including the ever popular Volkswagen Beetle. The Beetle, which is also widely known as the Bug, was only produced from 1938 until 2003. And it is still a popular car today.

Because of their cool look, Beetles have been featured in Hollywood movies, like Austin Powers and Herbie Fully Loaded.

Beetles are such amazing cars, they can actually float, thanks to their tight construction, which makes them safer than most vehicles.

Beetles are customizable, from their external color to their interior features. Since they are seen as fun vehicles, people like to do fun customizations. Plus they have fun car horns that are not in the key of F, which is different than most American car horns.

Some people have even made a game of seeing Beetles on the road. When they see one, they shout out punch Bug and then give a tap to the person closest to them. All in good fun, of course!

Beetles are a classic, fun car that will never go out of style. You will love your Beetle forever, we guarantee it.

Right now we’re running VW lease specials, so be sure to come down to Volkswagen Van Nuys, Volkswagen Santa Monica or Volkswagen Los Angeles to find your next vehicle!

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