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Are you looking for a place to move? Why not look for somewhere that is rich in history, as well as interesting sites and things to do? Key West condos might be a great idea for you and your family. Not only do Key west homes have great views and lots of things to do, but old town Key West has a lot of interesting history to look into as well! And it helps that Key West real estate, like most places, can be really affordable if you know where to look.

Here are some great fun facts and reasons why you might want to consider hiring a Key West realtor to take care of your relocation needs and desires, and why you might want to head down to old town Key West.

1. Local activities in Key West include electric car rentals, bike rentals, personal watercraft, sport fishing, boating, parasailing, scuba diving, whale watching, sailing, snorkeling, etc.

2. You have great views of the Gulf of Mexico from Key West.

3. All of the sand that makes up Key West’s beaches was shipped in from the Caribbean on barges.

4. Despite the fact that Key West is the southern most point in the US, it was actually Yankee territory while the Civil War was going on.

5. In the middle of the Gulf of Mexico is Dry Tortugas Park, which is an Island National Park, and it is about 70 miles from Key West. However, an interesting fact is that it used to be called Fort Jefferson, and it was abandoned in the 1800s as a naval base and was instead made into a prison. This prison housed one Samuel Mudd, which was a man accused of being an accomplice to President Lincoln’s assassin. Continue reading here.

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