Dole plantation tour

In days gone by, when a New England sailor came home from a long voyage to the Pacific, he would put the pineapple he had brought back with him on the porch, in prominent view of passersby. That pineapple symbolized hospitality, because it told neighbors the sailor was home and ready to accept visitors.

The Hawaiian pineapple is still doing its job of welcoming people. The islands themselves, eight of them, are outcroppings of substantial volcanic activity and plate tektonics far beneath the ocean. Hawaii, unlike the rest of the United States of America, is still growing. There are also several atolls in the island chain, some islets, and under the sea, many mountains that one day may be another island.

Oahu is the third largest island and Hawaii tours Oahu are among the most popular. For most American visitors, a Pearl harbor tour, especially USS Arizona tours and a USS Missouri tour are required time well spent at these reverent and historical sites. The Arizona Memorial, a solemn and emotional experience for visitors, keeps alive the memory of the many killed on Dec. 7, 1941. The armistice that ended World War II in the Pacific was signed on the Missouri, a battleship commissioned in 1944 that never sustained an American combat death (one Japanese kamikaze pilot died crashing his plane into the ship).

There is so much to see on Hawaii tours Oahu, including the Dole plantation tour, giving visitors an idea of how significant agriculture has been to the economy and culture of Hawaii.

Many Hawaii tours Oahu are available, but something that has become more popular is the smaller, more visitor friendly Hawaii tours oahu where a knowledgeable tour guide spends a good portion of the day with a very small group in something a lot smaller than a 50 seat bus. These Hawaii tours Oahu guides are well versed in local history, legend and all the aspects of Hawaiiana that make a tour memorable and so much more enjoyable. Those Oahu tours are like spending the day with a friend who knows everything and has the time to tell it all to you.

So often these smaller Hawaii tours Oahu are remembered years after, with the name of the tour guide recalled with a smile. You do not have to bring a pineapple home to commemorate your Hawaii tours Oahu experience. Those smiles will do just fine.

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