Device management software

Information security is a top priority for any business yet so many fail to stay abreast of the constantly changing world of IT threats. The advent of mobile technology is growing at a neck breaking speed, and businesses are adopting this technology accordingly. In fact, Apple reported that it sold nearly 25 million iPads worldwide, and the number of smart phone users has nearly doubled since 2009 alone, according to Nielsen data. Of that number, more than 250 million smartphones use the Android platform. As such, business use of smartphones is predicted to reach 62 percent by 2014. This trend means that mobile device management and security is a growing need for businesses.

A new trend in technological solutions is called mobile device management, otherwise known as Mdm. MDM is a method that allows businesses to manage and secure the mobile devices of its employees, thereby safeguarding sensitive data. This can be achieved through device management software (or MDM software) or cloud based mobile management providers (the latter is cheaper, more scalable, and faster than on premises solutions). The goal of mobile device management software solutions is to secure company data, manage passwords, and restrict access in the event of a mobile device mishap, e.g., if an employee were to lose their phone device management software would enable all of the phones data to be erased remotely. Mobile device management software also enables IT managers to constantly distribute updated security policies to circumvent the constantly changing world of IT threats.
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