Internet traffic

Globally, roughly 2,095,006,005 people have online access. As a result, there are more than one billion searches made on Google each day. Adding in its competitor search engines, and there is simply a staggering amount of online activity taking place on search engines. It is a veritable font of opportunity for marketing purposes, and any web based marketing strategy should include an SEO program.

If you make the decision to resell seo services, a number of competitors will be all all too eager to offer white label SEO and private label SEO. The important things to understand about SEO programs is that there are good choices, excellent choices and bad choices. As far as the bad choices go, there are those that are simply inefficient or inexperienced, but there are also those that are disingenuous bordering on malicious. Specifically, there are black hat SEO techniques that artificially inflate the number of links a page receives.

A black hat SEO program may offer a temporary boost, but will ultimately result in the site being penalized by the search engine. Keep in mind that Google uses over two hundred unique criteria in its algorithms. The PageRank system Google utilizes is named after its founder and CEO Larry Page. Google has roots in Stanford University, and a paper authored by Larry Page and fellow Google founder Sergey Brin that describes the theoretical framework of the search engine remains on the top ten list of the most downloaded papers at Stanford. The point is, Google itself is exceptionally well designed, and any SEO program that claims it can cheat the system with a black hat SEO program is naive at best, disingenuous at worst. Remember that search engines in general are major money makers, with SEMPO estimating that the North American search engine industry will be worth over 23 billion dollars by 2012. It’s only natural that search engine providers will seek to protect their assets by stamping out black hat SEO techniques.

When choosing an SEO program, therefore, it is important to find one that is reliable and utilizes only white hat SEO techniques. In a similar vein, an SEO reseller should remember that an Seo program requires time and patience. It takes time to organically generate links and increase the standing of a site. Be suspicious of any SEO program that guarantees speedy results, and remember the old story of the tortoise and the hare. Slow and steady still wins the race.

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