Fashion sense

Today’s teen has a lot more savvy than teens in any other generation, with teenagers being way more aware of marketing and brands than past teens. These teens are very savvy when it comes to fashion in particular, with about 80 percent of teen girls saying they consider shopping a hobby. Similarly, 92 percent of6teen girls surveyed say they enjoy it, compared with 74 percent for teen boys in a survey that totaled about 60,000 teenagers worldwide. So girls fashions and even those for boys are very important too.

The knowledge these teens have about teen girls clothes, tween girls clothing and teen fashion in general is astounding and would make any retailer or fashion designer nervous. These teens are smarter and more savvy, and they get today’s fashions and how they compare to older trends, like the vintage looks of the 1920s to 1960s and the retro looks that came afterward. They get the difference between tween girls clothing and teen girls clothes, and they understand how to pull items together to make a cohesive, stunning outfit better than anyone else in any age group.

Moving beyond teen clothing and trends, even those in their early 20s are very fashion forward too. In fact, about 44 percent of surveyed men and women aged 20 to 24 considered being up to date on fashion very important. At any age, fashion is vital, depending on who you talk to. But for teen girls clothes and teen outfits in particular, it is paramount.

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