Seeding mix

Abraham Levitt, who was the builder and founder of the industrial suburb Levittown, wrote that “No single feature of a suburban residential community contributes as much to the charm and beauty of the individual home and the locality as well kept lawns.” The beauty of your lawn is important, both for your own feelings about your home, and for how others will perceive both your home and your neighborhood. With drought resistant grass you may be able to get a very strong option which can remain looking great through the seasons, and through different watering conditions as they change throughout the year.

Grass seed provided by reputable grass companies can help you to get a lawn which will stand tough and look great through drought and rain. There are steps you can take to beautify your lawn, such as leaving your grass clippings in place instead of collecting them so that they can naturally turn into mulch to feed developing drought resistant grass growth. You can also choose the right grass seeds for strains of grass that will have thick blades, which should reduce the damage that you will see to the grass throughout the year from invasive plants and weeds that may attempt to grow. With the right drought resistant grass you should be able to get species which can choke out invading plants to stop them from even taking root, which can lower the amount of maintenance needed.

According to a study performed by the Seattle Public Utilities, the economic impact which is associated with sustainable lawn practices can save $75 per household per year. Solutions like drought resistant grass and water management can help you to save money, and keep your lawn looking great with less work. Watering a lawn too frequently can cause damage by keeping your roots from getting the oxygen that they need to properly establish a hold in the soil. The type of lawn seed that you choose will also influence the growth and continued health of your grass. Each variety is different; Fescue, for example, when cut 3″ high, can produce 5,760 times more oxygen than carbon in 24 hours. Treating your drought resistant grass well is about taking care of your investment into the green powerhouse that surround your home, which could be considered to be a very wise position to take as your grass grows.

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