Face it, high quality flooring that is both durable and decorative can be expensive, running more than ten dollars per square foot in some cases. If you have a business that experiences above average foot traffic or the wear and tear of power equipment such as fork lifts and such needs a flooring surface that is super durable and can withstand all sorts of stress. Often times, floors that sustain and endure such high levels of traffic are large in square footage, as in the case of large warehouses. This makes stone flooring like granite and marble extremely expensive and obtrusively priced for businesses in need of large square footages to be resurfaced.

Modern technology has yielded an interesting product that satisfies both the need and desire for the look of natural stone with a price the fraction of what marble or granite would cost. Think of the strength of concrete, and then imagine the possibilities of being able to create a surface using concrete that can provide the look of natural stone, but has the inherent resilience of concrete when it comes to resisting wear. By laying and polishing concrete, you end up with a surface that meets both requirements of looks and strength. The concrete is poured and then the process of polishing concrete starts with grinding it with a rougher grit. The grit is reduced to a progressively finer grade as each polishing concrete pass is made, each producing an increasingly glossy surface.

Ultimately, the process of polishing concrete results in a stone-like surface that can even be colored by a staining procedure. There are many ways to modify the appearance of polishing concrete so that it does not look just like shiny, stony gray. Maybe not of interest to everyone on the market for a replacement flooring surface, but certainly polishing concrete is worthy of a look.

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