When it comes to keeping new patches and updates consistently and quickly applied to each company issued smartphone in a network, any administrator knows the futility of asking each person to perform these tasks perfectly on a regular basis. Luckily, many patch management software solutions are out there that will automatically protect the integrity of the handsets and the data they contain. If indeed your company is currently or planning to issue smartphones to employees, installing patch management software is absolutely critical to keeping trade secrets safe, the investments sound, and the employees in touch. The first thing you need to do when searching for patch management software for your company smartphones is to make sure that any such program you choose is fully compatible with the make and model of the smartphones themselves. This particular point is hard to overestimate, as an incompatible patch management software program can be useless at best, and destructive to the handsets they have been installed on at worst.

In order to avoid the aforementioned problems and to determine which patch management software programs are best from a compatibility and reliability standpoint, execute a search engine query for both the exact handset model your company will distribute, as well as the phrase patch management software reviews. Look for a consistently well rated patch management software program that is known to painlessly and consistently install any new updates to the smartphones in question, and choose the most highly rated and compatible such program you can find. Be sure to install this patch management software on each and every handset your company buys before issuing them to the employees they will go to, and you should rest easily knowing that the data, time, and monetary interests of your company are safe and sound.

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