Today, more and more people consider their pets to be more than just animals. Pets are often viewed as a member of the family, with some pet owners even feeling as if their pets are their children. With this shift in the way people view their pets, there has always been an increase in the number of dogs enrolled in doggy daycare. In 2022, it was estimated that 19 million dogs were enrolled in pet daycare programs, according to Petovly. There are many benefits to this type of service, including building better social skills for your pet. Let’s learn all about how your pet’s social skills and pet daycare have a connection.

Do Pet Social Skills Matter?

Yes, your pet’s social skills matter a lot. Animal social skills are more about safety than anything else. An animal that can’t safely interact with other animals and people is more likely to bite or exhibit other dangerous behaviors. The more your dog is able to be around other animals and people, the more at ease they will become. Over time, social skills can really improve, especially when they’re enrolled in doggy daycare.

What Are Signs Of Poor Social Skills?

If your animal is rarely around other animals or people, then you might not even be aware that there are problems with social skills. You’ll really see the signs of poor social skills whenever your pet must interact with others. Some signs of poor animal social skills can include, growling, biting, chasing, or attacking. Not all signs of poor social skills are aggressive, though. Animals may also show signs, such as hiding, crying, or barking. All of these signs indicate that the animal is not comfortable and doesn’t feel safe.

How Does Doggy Daycare Help?

One important reason to improve your pet’s social skills is to reduce their stress levels when they are around others. You won’t be able to keep your animal away from everyone all the time. They will eventually have to interact. You want your pet to feel safe and confident when they are around other animals and people. Doggy daycare programs can help with this.

When your pet is enrolled in doggy daycare, they will get to interact with other people and animals in an unfamiliar setting. Although the setting is unfamiliar it is still a safe setting. This gives them the day-after-day opportunity to get more and more comfortable and social.

If you would like to learn more about doggy daycare options, then please contact us. We’d be happy to go over the many great benefits of our daycare services. We look forward to speaking with you and meeting your furry best friend.

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