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Did you know that the first tv advertisement broadcast in July of 1941? The advertisement was for Bulova Watch, and it was aired before a baseball game. That commercial cost $9; a far cry from the five to six figure amounts demanded today! Televisions are an integral part of our lives; many living rooms are configured around its presence. Here are three tips for enhancing your living room tv space.

1. Finding the Right Flat Screen TV Stands

Although you probably know what television you want, you might have not put as much thought into the tv stands that will hold it up. Most television purchasers today are looking for flat screens, which are wide but thin, though still heavy. For this reason, the strength of flat screen tv stands is important, and you should not try to substitute in any old surface that wasn’t intended to support this weight. Take measurements of your television to make sure it fits the space. Look for stands that match the design elements of your room; if your look is contemporary, don’t go for a heavy, wooden antique style stand!

2. Home Theater Furniture

If you’re looking for the ultimate television experience, you might have invested in turning your living room into a home theater. Most home owners look for home theater systems that provide surround sound and, in many cases, projector screens that allow for a larger, but still clear, image. But what about the furniture in the room? Leather ottomans and recliner chairs are popular choices in order to allow for optimum viewing and comfort. Keep in mind that chairs with wide arms might help balance the popcorn bowl better!

3. Home Theater Decor and Design

If you’re looking for appropriate decor for your home theater, many people decide to incorporate elements of theater design into the room. If you do go with leather furniture, the combinations of rich colors like burgundy and dark green are easy to imagine. Heavy drapes are a good idea for blocking out sunlight or street lamp light in order to keep the image crisp and clear. Patterned wall paneling and velvet can help increase the sensation of a theater experience, without negatively impacting overall room design. If possible, paint the ceiling black for intriguing contrast.

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