Everybody loves gel watches not just children and teenagers. In fact gel watches are for everyone. In short there is the right gel watch for each and everyone regardless of age, gender, style and lifestyle. The best thing about gel watches is that they are so versatile when it comes to meeting the preference and needs of the users. This is what makes them so fun and perfect for daily and casual wear.

Of course gel watches would not be gel watches without their wonderfully vibrant colors. Their colors alone make them really good watches for kids and teenagers. Of course there are also a lot of designs that are best for adults especially those who need watches for daily wear. But there is more to their colors than the typical bright and neon ones. There are many gel watches that make use of its versatility in colors to make designs a little bit more formal and elegant than the more common funky and casual ones. They are actually the more functional type of the gel watch and many of them are chronograph or the so called medical watches.

What makes the gel watches popular is their durability. They are made from durable plastic or rubber and so they are basically water proof and scratch proof. And when you drop them they do not get broken as easily as the other watches. This is in fact the reason why it is perfect for children and teenagers who are so active that other types of watches are not advisable. For adults, that they are generally shock resistant makes them very useful for different types of activities.

They are also very easy to clean. Many who use this type of watch use them because it allows them to wear watch while doing messy things, such as gardening. In fact this type of watch is the preferred watch of those whose habits are gardening. They can just as easily clean their watch alongside their other gardening tools. Cleaning the watch is so easy. One just washes it with soap and water since the straps can be removed from the watch itself. And speaking of removable straps, in fact many people have straps of different colors and styles. They just slip off the face to another strap and it is like having another new watch. Many in fact collect different gel watches because of its functionality and versatility which no other types of watch offers.

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